Test Paddle Before You Buy

Currently, we are limited for this offering due to safety and staffing.  Test paddling will be made available by appointment only and for higher model boats ONLY.  Fees are associated with this offering based on boat preference.  Proper face coverings are required during the entire experience and we ask that you provide your own PFD and paddle.  If a PFD or paddle are not available to you, then these items can be purchased from us.  Please make us aware of this need when making your appointment.

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company gives you the opportunity to test paddle any canoe or kayak before you buy. In fact we feel that the best way to make your decision on which canoe or kayak to purchase is on the water, not based solely on a salesperson’s suggestion, even our own. We offer this program each and every day (weather permitting) with no reservations required, rather than on one or two special weekends a year like most other dealers. Test paddling is available at both of our Paddlesports stores: on the beautiful Moose River in Old Forge or on Fish Creek in Saratoga Springs. There is a small deposit for test paddling which is credited to your boat purchase.

Test Paddle Before You Buy

Some Test Paddle Tips

So you’ve narrowed your choices down and now you’re ready to take a test paddle in that new canoe or kayak you really like. What should you look for during your test paddle? Here’s a few tips to help you make a good decision.

Before you get on the water

Have a Mountainman staff member assist you in sitting in the boat while still on land. You’ll feel a lot safer entering, exiting, leaning side-to-side, and so forth, while still on solid ground. Make sure you feel comfortable in the cockpit. If you don’t fit or if the boat is not comfortable it is probably not the one for you. No worries though, with an inventory as large as ours we’ll be able to find the one that fits you just right.

If your testing a kayak, while still on ground, try a few different positions for the foot pegs to see how your legs fit against the thigh braces. If the seat is adjustable, try several different adjustments (while wearing a PFD) until you find the most comfortable position.

With a staff member assisting you, try picking up the boat and carrying it a short distance. You’ll be carrying your new boat a lot, so now’s the time to see what you’ll be doing to get your boat to the water. This is also a great way to see if one of the newer lightweight models is right for you.

On the water

Try out the paddling strokes you use most often. Try a number of maneuvers: quick turns, a normal paddling stroke, a rapid paddling stroke, and so on.

If in a kayak, how do the foot pegs feel? Can you comfortably adjust them while on water? Likewise with the seating adjustments.

If you’re testing a canoe, how does the seat feel? Is the seat height comfortable for you?

Take a good look at the kayak deck or the canoe interior, and try to imagine how you would outfit it for the types of outings you do: a few hours, a day trip, or overnight excursions.

Take a few moments to just paddle the boat without thinking about the purchase. Try to feel the boat glide on the water, concentrate on your stroke. Every canoe and kayak model is designed differently and will paddle differently. How does this boat compare to others you’ve tried?

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