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For hourly and daily rentals on Fish Creek, visit The Kayak Shak! Click here for details.

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Moose River Kayak Trips
Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard and Gear Rentals


We are NOT offering any rentals again this year at this time.

With over 3,000 lakes and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, the Adirondack Park is a paddling paradise. Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company is strategically located in the heart it all right on the Moose River at the beginning of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. So whether you want to paddle a few hours, a few days or even longer, we can help you get on the water.

Moose River Trips

Boat Rentals

Winter Rentals

Gear & Bike Rentals

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company invites you to explore our wonderful Adirondack wilderness with a canoe or kayak trip on the beautiful North Branch of the Moose River. Enjoy the splendid scenery as you paddle along with the gently moving water. We’ve worked out all of the details, so all you have to do is enjoy your trip! We’ll shuttle you to the start point and you end up back at our store. With two different day trips to choose from, there’s plenty to see. Call us at 315-369-6672, ext. 2

North St.*
(3 to 4 hour trip)
(6 to 7 hour trip)
Rondaxe to North St.
(2 to 3 hour trip)
Kid's Kayak: $30 $42 $52
Solo Kayak: $42 $54 $64
Tandem Kayak: $52 $68 $78
Rec Solo Canoe: $42 $54 $64
Rec Tandem Canoe: $48 $64 $74
Light Tandem Canoe: $56 $72 $82
Shuttle Your Boat
First Boat: $16 $24 $32
Additional Boats: $8 $12 $20

* Must carry kayak 300 yards around a section of rapids.

* Rondaxe to North Street is the upper section of the Moose.


Moose River Shuttle Schedules

North St. Trip

Everyday: before 2pm


Rondaxe Trip

Everyday: before 11am


Rondaxe to North St. Trip

Everyday: before 11am

Moose River FAQs

What is included in the rental price?
Boat, Paddles, PFD’s (life jacket), and shuttle up river. Mountainman starts every season with new (and the most comfortable) canoes and kayaks to help insure a pleasant river trip.

What should I wear?
Shirts, pants and shorts that dry quickly are best. Sneakers or sandals for footwear. Sunglasses and hats are recommended. Swimsuits are a must in summer.

What should I bring?
Pack snacks and drinks, perhaps a picnic lunch; there are numerous sandbars to stop at and relax and swim. Sunscreen and bug repellent is also suggested. To keep small children occupied perhaps a small toy that floats and a small inexpensive dip net and a small plastic collection jar to view waterlife.

Cameras are always a good idea, but should be stored in waterproof containers. (Drybags & dryboxes are available at Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company.)

Do I need experience? Are there rapids?
The Moose River is a slow moving flat water river that winds through the beautiful Adirondack landscape. There is one short carry with an easy trail around a rock garden. It is a great trip whether your a first time paddler, or have years of experience. At put-in, we will provide a short demonstration on the basics of paddling to help make your trip more enjoyable!

Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

Much more than just river trips!

You can rent canoes and kayaks for a a day, a week, or more for your own trips. Shuttle service is available for both rental boats and your own boat as well. We also offer all the accessories and gear a Family might need for a trip down the Moose. Call us at (315) 369-6672. ext. 2 for more information or to reserve your boat.

Kayak Rentals

Half Day
(4 Hrs.)
Full Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Extra Day Extra
Kid's Kayak $20 $26 $46 $66 $80 $14 $10
Solo Kayak $26 $36 $66 $94 $118 $24 $18
Tandem Kayak $34 $46 $86 $124 $156 $32 $22
Fishing Kayak $38 $52 $98 $138 $174 $36 $24
Touring Kayak $38 $52 $98 $138 $174 $36 $24

Canoe Rentals

Half Day
(4 Hrs.)
Full Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Extra Day Extra
Rec Solo Canoe $26 $36 $66 $94 $118 $24 $18
Rec Tandem Canoe $30 $42 $76 $106 $132 $24 $20
Light Tandem Canoe $36 $52 $98 $138 $174 $36 $24
Ultra Lite Solo Cano $36 $56 $106 $150 $188 $38 $28
Ultra Lite Tandem Canoe $44 $66 $124 $174 $226 $54 $34
Ult Lt 3 Person Canoe $70 $100 $180 $250 $310 $80 $50
Ult Lt 4 Person Canoe $88 $126 $244 $346 $444 $90 $60

SUP Rentals

Delivery Service: Old Forge: $15. Inlet/Eagle Bay $30.  Raquette Lake $50

* All Rentals Must be Returned before close. Late fees are $20/hr/boat.

* Sorry, No Refunds on Rentals. Canceled reservations may be applied to next rental.

* Cartop & Deliveries are a minimum 1 day rental. 1/2 day is only off the dock.

Half Day
(4 Hrs.)
Full Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days Extra Day Extra
Kid's SUP $22 $30 $56 $76 $94 $18 $14
Basic SUP $28 $40 $72 $100 $124 $24 $18
Inflatable SUP $32 $46 $78 $108 $136 $26 $20
Premium SUP $36 $50 $94 $132 $166 $34 $24

Snowshoe, Cross-Country and Backcountry Ski Rentals

There are miles and miles of wilderness trails in the Old Forge area and beautiful groomed trails at McCauley Mountain. Whatever your level of experience, we can get you out on the snow!

Cross-Country Ski Rentals 1 Day 5 Days Add# Days
Adult XS Skis $28 $120 $20
Backcountry Skis $32 $130 $24
Skate Skis $26 $110 $18
Kids XC Skis $22 $100 $16
Boots or Poles $6 $30 n/a
Snowshoe Rentals 1 Day 5 Day Add# Days
Adult Snowshoes $28 $80 $12
Kids Snowshoes $20 $80 $12
Campons/Trekking Poles $10 $40 $8

Area Trails

McCauley Mountain, Old Forge, NY - $5 a day

Ski Report:


Groomed cross-country ski trails. Can be accessed from Maple Ride on Railroad Ave, behind the school or from the McCauley Mountain lodge on McCauley Mountain Road.


Fern Park, Inlet, NY: 22-miles of trails for xc skiing & snowshoeing.

Conditions: call 1-866-Go-Inlet


Directions: Turn onto South Shore Road from Rt 28 in Inlet. Signed park entrance will be on the left.

Large hills and challenging terrain, Fern Park is a wonderland for more experienced cross-country skiers. There is an approx. 2km loop that is lit in the winter when snow is on the ground.


Inlet Golf Club, Inlet, NY: 3.5 miles of groomed x-country trails, free.

Directions: Continue past the fire station on Rt 28 in Inlet. Parking lot is on the right.

A beautiful level ski. Great for beginners and first-timers. The trail meanders through open fields and secluded wooded areas.Grooming is sporadic. Follow the existing tracks or ski your own.


Moss Lake, Eagle Bay, NY: 2.1 miles, not groomed, free.

Directions: Left onto Big Moose Road from Rt 28 in Eagle Bay. Signed parking lot is on the left.

A relatively level ski with a couple mild ascents and descents depending on your choice of clockwise or counter clockwise. Great snowshoeing, but please be considerate of established cross-country tracks.


Cascade Lake, Eagle Bay, NY: approx. 3 mile, not groomed, free.

Directions: Left onto Big Moose Road from Rt 28 in Eagle Bay. Signed parking lot is on the right.

Easy grades. Waterfall on the Southeast side of the lake.


Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness, Old Forge, NY, 10-12 miles one way, endless side routes, not groomed, free.


Directions: Heading south from Old Forge on Rt. 28, take first right after the overhead railroad bridge. Parking is at the end of the road.

Gentle climb to rolling hills. You could spend days out here skiing.



Camping Gear & Bike Rentals

The Old Forge area also offers some of the most beautiful biking opportunities for both camping and biking. We carry a complete selection of rental bikes and camping gear to help you enjoy it! Call us at (315) 369-6672, ext. 2 for more information or to reserve your boat, board, bike or gear!

Equipment Rentals: Per Day
Canoe Paddle: Aluminum 6
Canoe Paddle: Wood 8
Canoe Paddle: Bent Wood 12
Canoe Paddle: Bent Carbon 20
Kayak Paddle: Aluminum 8
Kayak Paddle: Carbon 24
SUP Paddle: 8
Adult PFD: 9
Child or Infant PFD: 4
Canoe Cart: 14
Kayak Cart: 12
Boundary Pack 70L: 10
30L Dry Bag: 6
20L Dry Bag: 4
10L Dry Bag: 2
5L Dry Bag: 1
Bear Canister: 10
Sleeping Bag: 16
2 Person Tent: 20
3 - 4 Person Tent: 30
Foam Sleeping Pad: 8
Inflatable Sleeping Pad: 12
MSR / Jetboil Stove: 6
4 Person Cookset: 6
Bike Rentals Half Day Full Day 5 Days Add# Days
Kid's Mountain Bike $20 $26 $120 $20
Adult Cruiser $30 $36 $150 $28
Adult Mountain $30 $36 $150 $28
Adult Fat Bike $50 $76 $320 $60
Premium Mountain $50 $76 $320 $60
Helmet Rentals n/a $5 $30 $5

Old Forge Locations
Paddlesports, Outdoor Gear and Rental Store
2855 Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420

Paddlesports Shop: (315) 369-6672 ext. 1
Moose River Trips & Boat Rentals: (315) 369-6672 ext. 2
Outdoor Gear & Apparel Shop: (315) 369-6672 ext. 3

Saratoga Springs Locations

Saratoga Outdoor Gear & Apparel Shop
490 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 584-3500

Saratoga Paddlesports Shop
251 Staffords Bridge Road on Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs, NY
(518) 584-0600

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