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Machno Stout 2 MED, LG

The Pyranha Machno has been refined through the feedback of Team Pyranha members worldwide to feature a formidable bow rocker profile that keeps you on top of things, and a wide planing hull with soft chines that's both stable and predictable.... [Read more]
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Rebel (kids)

The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes whilst pulling new moves and impressing their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures and provide top end performance like legendary WW kayaks such as the Burn or t... [Read more]
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Ripper SM, MED, LG

Standout features of the design are generous bow rocker for a dry ride, a highly surfable, supremely manoeuvrable planing hull, maximum waterline for exceptional downriver speed and easy attainments, plus the security of a full plate footrest and a complete array of security points ... [Read more]
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Scorch SM, MED, LG, XL

The Scorch is the boundary-smashing culmination of decades of evolution, combining and refining features from industry-leading designs like the Burn (uncompromisingly sharp rails), 9R (volume distribution and bow rocker), and Ripper (fast and nimble planing hull); the hybrid rocker profile adds to this w... [Read more]
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