Mountainman outdoor supply company

Meet Our Team!

Meet our team!

John Nemjo
John purchased his first canoe, a used Indian River 14 ft. fiberglass model, in 1981 and began incessantly exploring many of Florida’s lakes, rivers and springs. His favorite being the Suwannee R...
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Monique Masters
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable
From the cornfields of Lewis County to the mountains of the Adirondacks, Monique Juliette Masters has always loved the outdoors. And working at Mountainman suits her passion for being outside and...
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Mike Schoen
Old Forge Gear, Bikes & Skis
Mike was born in Sarasota, Florida, and moved to the Adirondacks in his early teens. He graduated from the Town of Webb High School and started working with Mountainman in 2000 while he atte ...
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Bill Reynolds
Tallahassee Branch Office, Marketing
Bill found his love of the wilderness while a Boy Scout, and has been exploring it ever since. He works from his home (marketing) in Tallahassee, FL, and loves the loves visiting the forgotten ...
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Cory Reid
Saratoga Gear Shop
Loving the outdoors came naturally to our Saratoga Springs Gear Shop Manager, Cory Reid, at an early age. With three adventurous older brothers, Cory spent her early life hiking, fishing, riding ...
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Nick Davis
Saratoga Springs Paddlesports
Nick started his Outdoor Retail career not long after falling in love with the Adirondacks and its High Peaks in the early 2000’s. What started out as a means to get discounted gear became a pass...
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