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By Peter Pan

The hottest new watersports craze to hit the U.S. mainland since surfing in the mid-1960s is coming to an upstate New York lake near you. It is called Stand-up-Paddleboarding and you can expect to see it throughout the summer, especially on the Fulton Chain of Lakes and vicinity.

Stand-up-Paddleboarding is a simple, easy-to-learn watersport that is also great full body workout. A SUP (Stand-up-Paddleboard) is essentially an oversized surfboard that is specifically designed for use on both flatwater and surf. The volume of the surfboard makes it so that the rider is able to stand up and paddle with both mobility and stability.

Advantages of SUP

Using a SUP as a touring craft on flatwater, you get to see much more from the higher vantage point in a standing position, as opposed to to sitting down in a kayak or canoe. From a workout perspective, you get the shoulders and arms involved, as well as the abs and legs. The paddler’s greater range of mobility decreases the leg cramps and lower back issues that many paddlers experience while kayak or canoeing.

SUP is easy!

SUP-ing will open up a whole new world and make the lakes more exciting than ever before. With the help of a competent instructor, anyone can learn to ride these boards within minutes. Once you experience the thrill of SUP-ing, it will be difficult to return to a seated boat. There is very little gear required for SUP-ing: a board, a PFD, a safety whistle, and a paddle. Just toss the board on the water, climb on, and go!

SUP Types and Sizes

There are three basic types of SUPs. It is strongly advised that you speak to Mountainman’s knowledgeable staff before you buy one. The most versatile and popular SUP is a basic flatwater model that is big, wide, and stable. The second type of SUP is a specific wave-riding model that is generally narrower, thinner, and designed to ride a range of surf conditions, is not suitable for touring and lake recreational use. The last type of SUP is a racing model. These are shaped similarly to kayak and canoe racing hulls. These boards are made for long distance paddles and competition. Mountainman carries a full line of flatwater models and can special order surf and racing models.

The heavier the rider is, the larger the SUP should be. For instance, a 125 lb. paddler can easily handle a 10’ flat-water SUP, while a 200 lb. paddler would need a 12’ SUP. The 10’ SUP would sink with a heavier paddler, while the 12’ SUP would be unmanageable for a lighter paddler to carry and paddle.

SUP Paddles

SUP Paddles come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to get one that is either adjustable or sized to your specific height. The general rule is that the paddle should extend approximately one foot over the head of the rider while standing on the board. A wider based paddle blade is better for flat water and racing, while a narrow blade works better in surf.

Give SUP-ing a try!

You owe it to yourself to try out this exciting new sport that has already taken off on both the west and east coasts of the mainland U.S. You can rent or test paddle a SUP and paddle right at Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company anytime.

Peter Pan is a professional surfing and SUP competitor, surfboard and SUP designer for both BIC Sport and Hobie Surfboards, and member of the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame. He is the current New England SUP flat water and surf riding Senior Men’s Pro Am Champion. He is the designer of both the 11’4” and 10’4” Peter Pan Bic Sport Stand-up Paddle Boards.


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