Buy Back Program


Have you recently purchased a new canoe, kayak or SUP - perhaps at a “Big Box” store, thinking you were getting a great deal, only to find out that it doesn’t paddle well, the seat is uncomfortable, that it’s cheaply made. Maybe it’s just too heavy to load and unload on your car?

Mountainman will buy it back! And we’ll work with you to find a much better canoe, kayak or SUP that you will actually enjoy paddling! One that fits your budget and fits your paddling needs. One that will be a real pleasure to paddle!

Here’s the details:

  • Applies to canoes, kayaks and SUPs purchased new in the past 60 days.
  • Mountainman will buy it back from you for 50% of your purchase price. That amount must be applied towards your purchase of a new canoe, kayak or SUP from Mountainman at the same time.
  • Receipt of your previous purchase required.
  • The canoe, kayak or SUP must be in very good condition.
  • If no receipt is available or it is an older model, we will inspect the boat and may offer you a fair trade-in price.
  • We will also buy back your accessories at the same 50% value if receipt is presented.


Stop in or Paddlesports stores in Old Forge or Saratoga Springs for details. You can also give us a call at (315) 369-6672, ext.1, or email us at


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