New York's Premier Whitewater Event

October 14 - 16, 2016 in Old Forge, New York

Demo Day

Paddle for the Cure

MooseFest Whitewater Festival

McCauley Mountain Snowshoe Race

Area 3rd Party Events

Mountainman is the local shop to find out everything about Moosefest, New York's Premiere Whitewater event! Each October whitewater enthusiasts gather in Old Forge to paddle the Moose. Questions? Give us a call at (315) 369-6672 or visit the MooseFest Facebook page.

The Moose River, just outside of Old Forge, NY has some of the Northeast's most reliable whitewater and is a great way to wrap up your paddling festival season! Ranging from flat water to what many consider Class V whitewater, the Moose has something for everyone, beginner to expert! Remember, it's not just a festival but more a state of mind...guaranteed good times for sure! Check back as we update events.

Special Industry Guests

  • Robert Rexrode,Dagger
  • Andrew Miller, Dagger
  • Pat Keller, Liquidlogic Jami Watson, Level Six
  • Jeannie Slade, NRS
  • Max Blackburn, IR


Annual MooseFest Gambler Sale

We will be hosting our the popular Gambler Sale from Friday through Sunday during Moosefest at our Old Forge store! Don't miss it!

Friday 20% - 30% Off all Whitewater Kayaks*

Sat. 25% - 35% Off all Whitewater Kayaks*

Sunday 30% - 40% Off all Whitewater Kayaks*

Whitewater Accessories are 10% - 50% Off all weekend


Dagger Greenboat Raffle - Benefits American Whitewater

$5.00 raffle WIN THIS BOAT!!! Or a Werner Odachi!

Dagger Greenboat RaffleWhitewater King of New York, Dagger Kayaks, and Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company are raising money in support of the best kind of whitewater: American Whitewater. For each $5 donation made through Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company (in-store or online), you will be entered to win the most patriotic boat to hit the water since Washington crossed the Delaware. The drawing will be held the evening of Saturday, October 15, 2016 at the Moose River Festival. The winner has the freedom to not be present during the drawing. The boat is located in Old Forge, NY, USA and can be shipped from sea to shining sea at the winner’s expense. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

***PRIZE ADDED 9/28/2016*** Werner Paddles Odachi paddle. The new standard for whitewater racing, Werner's Odachi is light, strong, and powerful. A separate winner will receive a custom fit Odachi valued at $450.

King of New York Moose Race

The King of New York Moose Race will be Oct. 15 at High Noon!  The award dinner will be Saturday evening. Stay up-to-date on the race at the King of New York Facebook page.

Paddlers Breakfast

 9-11am Fri/Sat/Sun: We will have muffins and coffee 9-11am each morning at the Mountainman Boatshop

OneWheel Test Rides

All weekend, wear your paddling protection!

First Annual MooseFest Olympics

Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 9am to 7pm at Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company in Old Forge, NY

Thanks to our prize sponsors: Werner Paddles and Sweet Protection!

Products You Can Win!

  • Werner Sherpa Straight
  • Sweet Rocker Full Face
  • Sweet Shambala Shorts
  • Sweet Bearpaw Elbow Pads
  • Sweet Corporate Hat


Requirements for competing

  • To participate in the 2016 Moosefest Olympics you must purchase at least one ticket for the special edition Dagger Greenboat Raffle to benefit American Whitewater. Your name and email address should match your raffle ticket and the contact information you enter in the online Mental Gymnastics quiz.  You may purchase the ticket at the link online, or in person in the shop.
  • You must be present on-site to score points in the four physical events (Heavyweight Z-Drag, Throw Bag Toss, Throw Bag Stuffing, Onewheel Slalom).  A referee must be available to time you and award penalties, to provide your official score.
  • The Moosefest Olympics will start at 9am on Saturday, October 15, 2016.  All events must be completed by 7pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016 in order to receive points.
  • Some of the questions for the Mental Gymnastics Event will require physical in-store browsing.

Rules and Details

  • Each event will use a combination of points and times to rank competitors; The competitor with the best score will receive the full 20 points for each event, and the competitor with the next best score will receive 19 points, and so on, down to the 20th best score which will receive 1 point.  Scores that rank 21st and below will receive zero points.  Your combined score from each Event will be calculated to determine final ranking.
  • You can complete any of the events in any order, as long as you complete the Throw Bag Stuff Event after the Throw Bag Toss Event.
  • The overall winner will have first pick of the prizes, second place will have second pick, etc.

2016 Moosefest Olympics Events

Mental Gymnastics (20 points)

  • The link for the quiz is:
  • Use the same name, email, and phone number that you provided when buying your ticket for the  Dagger Greenboat Raffle to benefit American Whitewater.
  • The quiz is timed. You will have one hour to complete it, and only one chance to take it. Make sure you will not be interrupted while working. Once you press the “START” button, a timer will begin, and you will not be able to pause or resume the test once the timer runs out.
  • Your time will be factored into the rankings. Competitors with the same numerical score will be ranked by speed of test completion.
  • You will need access to the internet and you will also need to be able to physically browse products in our shop in order to answer the questions.  You are encouraged to use Google, ask friends for help, etc.

Heavyweight Z-Drag (20 points)

  • This event is timed.  Scores are based on the time to complete the task.  Zero points will be awarded for any setup outside a standard Z-drag.
  • You will be provided with a bag containing a Z-drag kit.  You will use the components to construct a proper Z-drag and use it to pull a heavy object across a line on the ground.
  • Points will be awarded according to the timed rankings in descending order as described at the top of the Rules and Details section.

Onewheel Slalom (20 points)

  • This event is timed.  Scores are based on the time to complete the task.  Zero points will be awarded for anyone picking up the Onewheel and walking with it.
  • You will start behind a line and ride the Onewheel on a loop out around road cones and then back across the starting line.
  • 5 second penalties will be awarded for each foot that touches the ground during the ride.
  • A 5 second penalty will be awarded for touching a road cone.
  • Points will be awarded according to the timed rankings in descending order as described at the top of the Rules and Details section.

Throw Bag Toss (20 points)

  • This event is based on distance and accuracy.  You will demonstrate proper throwing technique with the weighted bag into the cockpit of a boat 20 ft away, while keeping a hold on the free end of the rope.
  • If you successfully make the throw, we will progressively move the boat 5 ft farther away until you miss.  You will re-stuff the bag in preparation for each throw (this counts as practice for the Throw Bag Stuff Event).
  • Your longest throw that makes it into the cockpit will count as your score.

Throw Bag Stuff (20 points)

  • This event is timed.  Scores are based on the time to complete the task. Zero points will be awarded if more than an inch of the rope is showing outside the opening when finished.
  • You will pull all of the rope out of the bag you just tossed.  Then you will be timed on your speed stuffing the rope back into the bag.
  • Points will be awarded according to the timed rankings in descending order as described at the top of the Rules and Details section.

*Some exclusions apply.

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